Kyoshi Kurt Graham

Kurt overlooking Marlborough from the mountains behind Blenheim.






Kurt Graham

Renshi Kurt Graham Karate Instructor, Koryu Uchinadi Instructor

I have known Kurt Graham since we attended the same primary school, over 30 years ago. Even at 5 years old, I remember Kurt was attending local martial arts clubs.

As a teenager at Nelson College, Kurt regularly visited and trained at a number of different dojo's. Taekwondo, Aikido and Bushin Ryu to name a few.

After Kurt finished college, we both pursued our interest in martial arts and traveled to Japan. In 1992 Kurt became a full time student (uchi deshi) of Gōzō Shioda at his Yoshinkan Dojo.

While in Japan we were fortunate to meet a number of people who helped us visit and train with a number of famous Grand Masters. Others helped us visit the sites and made introductions for us to visit dojo's and meet like minded people.

This website will provide a quick look at Kurt's martial arts journey so far. I have been trying to scan and put online many of the people who Kurt has trained with over the years.

If anyone has any photo's they would like to send me to include I would be happy to receive them for consideration. Please contact me via the webmaster link below - Don